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About the Commentaries Service

Market Commentaries is provided as a forum for sharing views on the market, the economy and investment strategy. We publish commentaries submitted to us by participating fund companies, independent research firms and advisors.

We offer three levels of service: Basic Commentaries, Commentaries-plus and Commentary Sponsor. Basic Commentaries is a free service. Please contact our sales staff if you are interested in our Commentaries-plus or Commentary Sponsor services.

Submission Guidelines

To submit your commentary, please email it to

Commentaries should reflect your views on the market or the economy.

Please provide the following information when you send the commentary:

  1. Firm name
  2. Advisor/author name
  3. The title of the commentary, if any (e.g., “The Impact of the Falling Dollar” or “Our Quarterly Review”)
  4. Description/abstract (less than 600 characters) if available
  5. Firm website (at the end of each commentary we have a link back to your firm’s site)
  Basic Commentaries Commentaries-plus Commentary Sponsorship
Placement of lead-gen icon on commentary No Yes Yes
Lead-gen reporting No Yes Yes
Readership reporting No Yes Yes
Banner ads in newsletter No No Yes
Exclusive banner ads on your commentary page No No Yes
Number of commentary submissions 1/quarter 1/week guaranteed in RP Unlimited
Inclusion in Research Perspectives newsletter Not guaranteed Guaranteed if submitted by 1pm ET Guaranteed if submitted by 1pm ET
Inclusion in Research Perspectives subject line Not guaranteed Not guaranteed Guaranteed #1 placement
Can include firm’s web site URL in commentary No Yes Yes
PDFs permitted* No Yes Yes
Can include performance information about funds** No Yes Yes
Can include information about fund’s strategy or holdings No Yes Yes

There is no length restriction.

We post commentaries on an ‘as they come’ basis and publish no more than 10-12 in Research Perspectives daily. If a piece is very time-sensitive, be sure to send it as soon as possible.

The following are prohibited in all cases:

  • Inclusion of banner ads in commentary
  • Inclusion of other content that is specifically promotional, such as mentioning upcoming webinars or conference calls
  • Content that is not a general market or economic commentary

* For the Basic Commentaries service, we require Word documents, HTML web pages, or emails; PDFs are not permitted. Powerpoint slides are difficult to convert; if possible, please put the content into a Word document.

* For the Basic Commentaries service, we require images to be in jpeg, gif, or png, embedded in the larger document, or attached with the email. Images or charts that are pasted from Excel or another software program will not be accepted. They must be in image format. Images must be relevant and necessary for the associated commentary in order to be published.

** For the Basic Commentaries service, commentaries may not contain promotional material; specifically, they cannot contain performance-related information about a firm's funds or investment products. In general, they may not contain links to other documents - commentaries cannot be used to drive traffic to a firm's site or to its proprietary or subscription products. We allow links to prior commentaries and to informational sources that serve the purpose of footnotes.

We will remove your commentary within 24 hours if you request us to do so. We will not reproduce or republish your commentary in any manner other than what is described on this page and always add a copyright and firm’s link at the end of the commentary.

Advisor Perspectives reserves the right to reject any submission we believe is inappropriate or does not meet the above guidelines.

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