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Firm Name Author Title
U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes China’s Economy Is Undergoing a Huge Transformation That No One’s Talking About
Mauldin Economics John Mauldin Weapons of Economic Misdirection
Northern Trust Carl Tannenbaum If China Lands Hard, It Won’t Be Alone
Charles Schwab Team Schwab’s Perspective on Recent Market Volatility
Matthews Asia Robert Horrocks Times Like This
Charles Schwab Liz Ann Sonders Panic Is Not a Strategy—Nor Is Greed
Wells Fargo Asset Management Dr. Brian Jacobsen How Long Do Stock Market Corrections Last?
GMO Peter Chiappinelli, Ram Thirukkonda Who Ate Joe’s Retirement Money? Sequence Risk and its Insidious Drag on Retirement Wealth
BlackRock Russ Koesterich What’s Holding Back the U.S. Consumer
Project Syndicate Anatole Kaletsky Cheap Oil and Global Growth
F.A.S.T. Graphs Chuck Carnevale 12 Attractive Fast-Growing Dividend Growth Stocks for High Total Return
U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes Feeling Old Yet? Incoming College Freshmen Have Always Known Google
Franklin Templeton Investments Mark Mobius On Market Corrections, and Keeping a Calm Head
Econtrarian, LLC Paul Kasriel Forget the Sept. '15 Fed Tightening -- There Has Been a Stealth Tightening Since Sept. '14
Research Affiliates Charles Aram Are You a "Ben Graham Defensive Investor"?
Loomis Sayles Tom Fahey Don't Panic: Putting Market Turbulence in Context
Absolute Return Partners Niels Jensen Doodles from an Eventful Summer
Streettalk Live Lance Roberts Why This Time Could Be Different
Wasatch Funds Team China’s Currency Devaluation
Russell Investments Veronique Botton ESG Investing – do managers invest consistently?
Project Syndicate Nouriel Roubini A Financial Early-Warning System
Tillar-Wenstrup Advisors Jim Tillar, Steve Wenstrup Should You Adjust?
AdvisorShares Heather Rupp What Value are Credit Ratings?
Halbert Wealth Management Gary Halbert Global Market Chaos Amidst Worries About China, Etc.
Northern Trust Carl Tannenbaum Trying to Restore Order
Oak Associates Mark Oelschlager Sharp Selloff
Confluence Investment Management Bill O’Grady Superpower
ProVise Management Group Team Special Provise Bullet
Willingdon Wealth Management Michael Kayes Market Update
Trade Followers Blair Jensen Tracking the Market with Social Media
NewArc Investments, Inc. Jeff Miller Weighing the Week Ahead: The Start of Something Big?
Franklin Templeton Investments David Saunders Solidifying a Case for Liquid Alternatives
GaveKal Capital Eric Busch Investors Should Cheer A Higher Federal Funds Rate
Tocqueville Asset Management François Sicart Turning an Oxymoron into an Opportunity
Broadleaf Partners Doug MacKay, Bill Hoover Earnings Voids and the Emergence of Plausible Risk
Guggenheim Partners Scott Minerd A Painful but Healthy Adjustment for Risk Assets
Flexible Plan Investments Jerry Wagner Why a 500-Point Sell-off Isn’t “Massive”
Money Metals Exchange Clint Siegner Markets Crashing, Gold Rising
Lord Abbett Milton Ezrati Inspecting the Fed's Policy Toolkit
Commonwealth Financial Network Brad McMillan As Market Fears Grow, Stay Focused on the Long Term
NewArc Investments, Inc. Jeff Miller What Investors Must Know About China
Calamos Investments John Calamos Sr. China Commentary by John Calamos: Market Reset, Not Recession
Franklin Templeton Investments Michael Hasenstab and Sonal Desai A Macro View of Recent Market Volatility
F.A.S.T. Graphs Chuck Carnevale I Own Southern Company and AGL Resources – Now What Do I Do?
Raymond James Jeffrey Saut Days of Yesteryear
Project Syndicate Stephen Roach China’s Complexity Problem
CMG Capital Management Group Steve Blumenthal On My Radar: An Optimist Sees The Opportunity In Every Difficulty
First Trust Advisors Brian Wesbury, Robert Stein This Correction is Technical, Not Fundamental
Nuveen Asset Management Robert Doll The Correction May Not Be Over, but the Bull Market Should Persist
Brouwer & Janachowski Christian Thwaites Why markets are down….but not out