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Firm Name Author Title
Commonwealth Financial Network Brad McMillan U.S. Stock Market: Should You Be Worried?
Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff The Big Picture
Hale Stewart Hale Stewart US Equity and Economic Review For the Week of June 29-July3; Some Weakness Technical Emerging
F.A.S.T. Graphs Chuck Carnevale The Best Way to Judge Past Performance: Part Two
AllianceBernstein Darren Williams Greece: Thinking the Unthinkable
Franklin Templeton Investments Brooks Ritchey Exporting the “Bacon Genie” and Other Reasons to Be Bullish
GaveKal Capital Bryce Coward Why Chinese Stocks are in a Bear Market and it Doesn’t Matter
Hussman Funds John Hussman Judging the Future at a Speculative Peak
Mauldin Economics John Mauldin A Week of Unseen Things
Hale Stewart Hale Stewart International Economic Week in Review For June 29-July 30; Greece and Canada Creating Problems, Edit
Project Syndicate Kenneth Rogoff Why the Greek Bailout Failed
U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes Home of the Free, Land of the Entrepreneur
Alliance Bernstein Daryl Clements, John Ceffalio California’s Drought Won’t Affect Its Municipal Debt
Neuberger Berman Erik Knutzen The Business Cycle—Middle-Aged or Elderly?
Northern Trust Carl Tannenbaum Greek Default is Everyone’s Fault
AllianceBernstein Morgan Harting, Martin Atkin Looking for Income in All the Right Places
Franklin Templeton Investments David Zahn Eurozone Contagion Fears Flare as Greek Crisis Enters Crucial Phase
GaveKal Capital Eric Bush US Participation Rate Drops To October 1977 Levels
U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes Investors Take Shelter as Greek Referendum Nears
AdvisorShares Roger Nusbaum All That Crap About Not Panicking?
Russell Investments Andrew Pease Investor Outlook: Trends are Looking Neutral
Lord Abbett Milton Ezrati Greece: Weighing the Risks
Clark Capital Management Group K. Sean Clark Greece and Puerto Rico Spark Global Volatility
Franklin Templeton Investments Mark Mobius Growth Matters
The Washington Update Andy Friedman Obamacare Upheld Again: Consequences for Business Owners and Investors
ProVise Management Group Team ProVise Bullets
The Royce Funds Chuck Royce, Francis Gannon More Volatility: A Positive Environment for Active Managers
Absolute Return Partners Niels Jensen A Return to Fundamentals?
PIMCO Richard Clarida Data Dependence Is Not a Monetary Policy, But Are the Dots?
Loomis Sayles Laura Sarlo Epic Uncertainty: Markets React to Greek Debt Crisis
Northern Trust Carl Tannenbaum, Victoria Marklew The Greek Saga Escalates
Calamos Investments Gary Black Greek Contagion Fears Likely Overblown
Research Affiliates Jason Hsu The Whole Story: Factors + Asset Classes
Flexible Plan Investments Jerry Wagner Stuck in the Middle with You
Arete Asset Management David Robertson Investing in Lake Wobegon: Where all the returns are above average
Allianz Global Investors Kristina Hooper Greece Firestorm Won't Stifle Consumer Comeback
Confluence Investment Management Bill O’Grady The 2015 Mid-Year Geopolitical Outlook
Blackstone Byron Wien The Smartest Man is Wild about Innovation
Smead Capital Management William Smead The 1982 Playbook
First Trust Advisors Brian Wesbury, Robert Stein Ignore Greece
Nuveen Asset Management Robert Doll A Mid-Year Assessment of Our Ten Predictions
AdvisorShares Roger Nusbaum The Joy Of Portfolio Boredom
Janus Capital Group Bill Gross It Never Rains in California
Charles Schwab Liz Ann Sonders Independence Day?: “Greferendum” on July 5 Rocks Markets
Raymond James Scott Brown An Important Week for Economic Data
BlackRock Russ Koesterich Greece Isn’t the Only Problem U.S. Stocks Face
AllianceBernstein Darren Williams Greek Moves Test ECB Resolve on Europe
Franklin Templeton Investments Roger Bayston In the Know: Fed Policy and Fixed Income
GaveKal Capital Bryce Coward S&P 500 Suffers First 2% Down Day Since End of 2014
Streettalk Live Lance Roberts "Debt Gone Wild" - Debt Funded Stock Buybacks Soar