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Firm Name Author Title
Trapeze Asset Management Herbert Abramson, Randall Abramson Half Full or Half Empty
Raymond James Jeffrey Saut Easy?!
Franklin Templeton Investments David Zahn, Heather Arnold, Philippe Brugere-Trelat Brexit Signs: Envisioning an EU Without the UK
GaveKal Capital Team Inflation Expectations Are Turning Back Over In The US
AllianceBernstein Kevin Simms, Joseph Paul Valuing Stocks Requires a Human Touch
Russell Investments Paul Eitelman Yellen on Interest Rates and Equities, Grabs Attention
BlackRock Russ Koesterich Tantrum Potential at Home, Opportunity Overseas
Flexible Plan Investments Jerry Wagner Investing Without a Goal is Like Racing Without a Finish Line.
Black Cypress Capital Management Alan Hartley Is Now a Good Time to Add More Risk?
WaveFront Capital Management Dr. Burton Malkiel How Much Should We Invest in Emerging Markets?
Blackstone Byron Wien The Importance of Liquidity
Mauldin Economics John Mauldin World War D—Deflation
Litman Gregory Jeremy DeGroot Macro Is Not the Markets: The Global Economy and the Resulting Investment Environment
Milliman, Inc. Chris Girod, Sue Hart, Scott Weltz Annual Cost of Healthcare for a Typical American Family of Four Approaches $25,000
CMG Capital Management Group Steve Blumenthal On My Radar: Investor Behavior, Margin Debt & The Merciless Mathematics of Loss
Project Syndicate Stephen Roach The Currency Manipulation Charade
Halbert Wealth Management Gary Halbert China Surpasses America As World's Largest Economy
Lord Abbett Milton Ezrati How Is Capital Spending Trending?
Smead Capital Management William Smead Interest Rates Affect on Intrinsic Value
Raymond James Scott Brown Fun with GDP
BlackRock Russ Koesterich Do Record Stock Highs Signal a Top?
GaveKal Capital Team San Francisco Real Estate Is 75% Above Housing Crisis Lows
Janus Capital Group Bill Gross Mr. Bleu
Allianz Global Investors Kristina Hooper For Bond Investors, The Timing of Liftoff Matters
AllianceBernstein Jeff Skoglund, Susan Hutman Actively Manage Your Activist Credit Risk
First Trust Advisors Brian Wesbury, Robert Stein Inflation: Dormant, Not Dead
Nuveen Asset Management Robert Doll The Slowly-Growing Economy Should Persist for Some Time
Universal Orbit David Kleinberg The Uncorrelated
Charter Trust Company Mark Ungewitter Moment of Truth For Non-U.S. Markets
U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes What America Can Learn from China’s Infrastructure
Franklin Templeton Investments Team Global Economic Perspective: May
GaveKal Capital Team European And Asian Stocks Are Approaching Overbought Levels
Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff The Fed Considers a More Seasoned Approach
Invesco Blog Scott Eldridge Don’t Fear Rising Rates — Embrace Them
Hussman Funds John Hussman Voting Machine, Weighing Machine
Hale Stewart Hale Stewart US Equity and Economic Review For the Week of May 18-22; Housing Rebounds But the Markets Continue G
Charles Schwab Liz Ann Sonders, Brad Sorensen & Jeffrey Kleintop Schwab Market Perspective: As the World Turns
F.A.S.T. Graphs Chuck Carnevale The Great Beta Hoax: Not an Accurate Measure of Risk After All
Advisor Perspectives ( Doug Short ECRI: "Fed Rate Hike May Be Postponed Due to Inclement Data"
Northern Trust Jim McDonald Northern Trust Perspective
The Fat Pitch Urban Carmel Investor Opinions Have Become Extremely Uniform, And That's Not Good
The Fat Pitch Urban Carmel GDP Seasonal Adjustment: There's No Smoking Gun
PIMCO Chitrang K. Purani and Georgi Popov The Affordable Care Act and Low Interest Rates: A One-Two Punch for Health Insurance Portfolios
Northern Trust Carl Tannenbaum Can Emerging Markets Survive Lower Commodity Prices?
BlackRock Investment Management Heidi Richardson The Strong Dollar’s (Real) Toll on Tech Stocks
U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes Rate Hike Ahead? Here’s How to Get Your Portfolio Ready
John Burns Real Estate Consulting John Burns Western Drought to Hurt or Help Housing?
F.A.S.T. Graphs Chuck Carnevale The Great Beta Hoax: Not an Accurate Measure of Risk After All
AllianceBernstein Hayden Briscoe China Bonds Still Offer Opportunities
GaveKal Capital Team Longer Term Trends Have Reasserted Itself In May