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Firm Name Author Title
Smead Capital Management William Smead Unseen Risks for Investors
Money Metals Exchange David Smith Still Waiting for a Precious Metals "Correction"? Get Off the Dime and Buy Some Silver Ones...
Project Syndicate Michael Spence Growth in a Time of Disruption
Project Syndicate Anatole Kaletsky Reversing Brexit
AllianceBernstein Sammy Suzuki Emerging-Market Game Changers: Diaper Wars in China
LPL Financial John Canally Follow the Leaders
Thornburg Investment Management Charles Roth Political Risk Spikes in Turkey, Roiling Asset Prices
Johnson Financial Group Brian Andrew Bright Spot
AdvisorShares Roger Nusbaum Time for Something Adventurous
Loomis Sayles Daniel Conklin Fallen Angels: For Investment Grade Investors, Patience is a Virtue
Confluence Investment Management Bill O’Grady The Turkish Coup, Part I
Halbert Wealth Management Gary Halbert IMF Cuts Global Growth Forecast Less Than Expected
BMO Global Asset Management Matthew Fahey, Gregory Dirkse, Brian Janowski Is It Time to Give Value Investing Another Look?
Evensky & Katz / Foldes Financial Wealth Management Harold Evensky Newsletter, Vol 9, No 4 - July 2016
Raymond James Scott Brown Real GDP: 2Q16 Outlook and Revisions
AllianceBernstein James Tierney, Jr. Checkup Time for Healthcare Stocks
Franklin Templeton Investments Mark Mobius Positive Trends and Political Challenges in Poland
LPL Financial Burt White Breakout
BlackRock Russ Koesterich Should Investors Care That Stocks Are Expensive?
Heartland Advisors Colin McWey Excess Capacity: The Case for not Following the Money
361 Capital Cliff Stanton, Jeremy Frank The Cost of Quality
NewArc Investments, Inc. Jeff Miller Weighing the Week Ahead: What Does the Election Mean for Stocks?
Raymond James Jeffrey Saut What now?
Nuveen Asset Management Robert Doll Confidence About the Global Economy Is Improving
First Trust Advisors Brian Wesbury, Robert Stein Fed Policy Not in Tune With Data
Project Syndicate Stephen Roach The Globalization Disconnect
CMG Capital Management Group Steve Blumenthal On My Radar: Junkyard Dogs
Anderson Griggs Kendall Anderson Harman International Industries, Inc., Cheap or Dear
Hussman Funds John Hussman Speculative Extremes and Historically-Informed Optimism
Real Investment Advice Lance Roberts TFTB: Howard Marks & Investing Rules
Columbia Threadneedle Investments James Dearborn Promises Broken, PROMESA Made
Mauldin Economics John Mauldin Promises, Promises, Pension Promises
Northern Trust Carl Tannenbaum The Perils of Populism
U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes Will the Gold Bull Market Resume After the Summer Correction?
Advisor Perspectives ( Jill Mislinski ECRI Weekly Leading Index: WLI Up 1.1, Growth Index Highest Since 2013
Osterweis Capital Management John Osterweis, Matt Berler Equity Investment Outlook
Invesco Danielle Singer, Georgina Taylor Minding the Gap Between Short-Term and Long-Term Trends
Leuthold Weeden Capital Management Chun Wang A Tale Of Two Exits—How Different Is This Time?
Osterweis Capital Management Carl Kaufman, Simon Lee, Bradley Kane Voting for a Return to a Time that Never Was
Casey Research Justin Spittler The Big Picture Hasn’t Changed: Don’t Get Sucked Back Into the Stock Market
Project Syndicate Robert Shiller The Global Economy’s Hesitation Blues
Winthrop Capital Management Gregory Hahn Thoughts on Brexit and the Implications for Investment Strategy
PIMCO Andrew Pyne, Markus Aakko Detecting a ‘Smart’ Investment Strategy
LPL Financial John Canally Midyear Outlook 2016: Believing in the Potential of the U.S. Economy
F.A.S.T. Graphs Chuck Carnevale What Will Happen To the Stock Market When Interest Rates Rise? Part 1
PIMCO Joshua Anderson Losses on Italian Non-Performing Loans: Severity and Solutions
AllianceBernstein Tawhid Ali, Jeremy Taylor Is It Too Late to Drill for Oil Shares?
U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes Why I Don’t Believe Trump or Hillary Would Tax this Important Asset Class
Winthrop Capital Management Gregory Hahn Second Quarter 2016 Economic & Capital Market Summary
Atlanta Capital Group Greg Silberman 10 Most Popular Private Investment Strategies for 2017