Articles from our Weekly Newsletters

Mark Zandi: Why Trump is Wrong and We Need Immigrants

Immigration policy is the biggest divide between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. U.S. growth will falter unless the measures proposed by Clinton are adopted to spur increased immigration, according to Mark Zandi. Trump’s policies, Zandi contends, will put the U.S. on a trajectory similar to Japan’s “lost decade.”

How Variable Withdrawals Improve Retirement Outcomes

Optimal asset allocations for variable withdrawal strategies are quite different from the research findings and rules of thumb based on fixed strategies. Indeed, the implications go beyond asset allocation and show, for example, that equity glide paths in retirement are relatively unimportant.

A Thanksgiving Thank You that Stands Out

Every advisor wants clients to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Despite that, many clients feel that they are just one of many names and faces that their advisor deals with and are unsure just how much their advisor values their business. With Thanksgiving approaching, here’s an effective way to say ‘thank you’ to your clients.

The Challenge of Describing Your Unique Value

Here’s how to price your services in a way that reinforces your value proposition.

Selecting the Right Successor Trustee

Those of us in the estate planning industry often have the unique role of helping our clients decide who will handle their affairs when they become incapacitated or pass away. Choosing a successor trustee is an emotional and difficult decision for the client, but those of us assisting them sometimes do not take it seriously enough.

Last Week’s Highlights on APViewpoint

The top conversations on APViewpoint last week were started by Wade Pfau and Richard Michaud. They generated thoughtful discussion with wide ranging opinions on how to use reverse mortgages to secure your retirement and how policymakers are affecting the U.S. economic environment.

When Acquiring a Firm Becomes a Mess

We just acquired another advisory firm. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a mess. People are tripping over one another, no one seems to remember what their jobs should be and the tension is palpable.

Seven Reasons LinkedIn Is More Than a Digital Resume

Here’s why I highly recommend LinkedIn to be the first social media account you use.

Lessons from Neuroscience for Financial Planners

Neuroscience teaches us how to make our brains more receptive to new ideas. My recent conflict-resolution experience working with the IRS shows how lessons from neuroscience can improve advisor-client interactions.

How to Deepen Relationships with Centers of Influence

Building a reliable network of COIs is one of the surest ways to engage with new prospects and grow your practice. Here’s a step-by-stop process to expand your list of COIs – including some who you probably didn’t think were potential referral sources.