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Kellyanne Conway: How the Democrats Blew It

Donald Trump’s electoral win was in part the result of very shrewd analysis and tactics. As his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway was responsible for Trump’s campaign strategy and its execution. Yesterday, she offered candid insights into the key decisions that led to Trump’s victory.

Top Experts Predict the Future of the DOL Rule

A mere 80 days separates President-elect Trump’s inauguration from the April 10, 2017 effective date for the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) fiduciary standard rule. Yesterday, four industry experts gave their predictions on whether the rule will survive under the Trump administration.

The Latest News for Insurance and Annuities

The rising cost of health insurance makes choosing the right insurance plan a big financial decision. Taking time to review the plan options, whether on a marketplace or employer-sponsored, can save money for the enrollee. With the new administration coming in January, policy changes are expected and could affect pension plans and other retirement benefits. Understanding what benefits are available and what changes are expected to come next year will help make sure your retirement decisions are sustainable long-term.

How Should History Judge Alan Greenspan?

Should history regard Greenspan as a “maestro” who managed the economy to new heights of prosperity or as a blunderer who let the housing crisis, and other simultaneous crises, unfold?

Donald Trump and the “F” Word

If there’s one belief that enjoys broad, bipartisan support, it is that the U.S. faces a debt crisis. Democrats and Republicans routinely bemoan America’s irresponsibility and immorality by claiming it is borrowing from the “bank of China” and leaving that debt for our children and grandchildren to repay. Donald Trump threatens to challenge that paradigm by aggressively using the “f” word.

The Dangers of Dividend Obsession

If you own stocks solely for their dividends, you are ignoring the other parts of the stock market equation that, though they are less shiny (and less tangible) than dividends, are just as important to your future returns.

The Compelling Opportunity in Emerging Growth Stocks

Jim Callinan is a portfolio manager for the Osterweis Emerging Opportunity Fund (OSTGX). In this interview, he discusses how he identifies high-quality companies in emerging industries and defensible growth niches that have open-ended growth potential.

Six Tips to Make Your Client Communications Work

I rarely see client communications that add value. Here are some of the problems – and six ways you can quickly and inexpensively improve your communications.

Overcoming Apathy and Getting Clients to Move!

Some clients just don’t want to help themselves. If we recommend a client make an estate plan or consider additional insurance, we are doing it because we believe it is in the client’s best interest. Some clients are very good about following through, but others nod “yes” when I’m talking but then don’t do anything.

The Latest News for 529 Plans and Educational Costs

Higher education policy changes are on the horizon with the new administration coming in January. A comprehensive college savings plan, such as a 529 plan, is a good way to prepare for changes in student loans and college tuition costs. Proper research maximizes growth opportunities for 529 plans to fund future college expenses. Having a sustainable “savings” budget helps to minimize any overspending during the holidays and keeps long-term financial goals a priority.

Some Thoughts on Naming Your Practice

Your business name is your firm’s first impression to the public and potential clients. Choosing a name is a critically important decision and choosing a good one drives revenue. Choosing a confusing name or one that is hard to understand will lead to spending as much time explaining your company name as in finding new clients.

Now Is the Time to Build Your 2017 Marketing Plan

There are four building blocks to a well-balanced marketing plan for financial advisors: infrastructure, awareness, lead generation and conversion. I will walk you through each block so you have a clear understanding of what they are and how you can build your 2017 marketing plan.

Good Companies Don’t Always Make Good Stocks

I use Coke to demonstrate the importance of differentiating between a good company (which Coke is) and a good stock (which it is not), and the danger of having an exclusive focus on a shiny object – dividends – when you are analyzing stocks.

This “X Factor” is Your Value Proposition

Some advisors stand out. They aren’t always the smartest or the most charismatic, yet they are enormously successful, far more so than their peers. I have figured out why.

Modeling Cyclical Markets – Part 3

In Part 1, I introduced my Primary-ID model that identifies major price movements in the stock market. In Part 2, I presented Secondary-ID, a complementary model that tracks minor price movements. In this article, I combine these two rules- and evidence-based models into a composite called Cycle-ID and discuss the virtue of a single model.