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Overcoming the Unique Retirement Challenges Facing Millennials

Your clients have likely referred their Millennial children or grandchildren to you for help with financial planning. It’s a tall order because of the unique financial challenges they face. Here’s some practical advice to overcome those hurdles.

Why Training by Itself Does Not Change Behaviors

We are on our fourth round of training vendors to teach us how to be more effective at working with our clients. Nothing has worked. I want to expand my capabilities, but how do I start doing things differently?

11 Reasons Advisors Need a Social Media Presence

I set up my first Myspace account during my junior year of college. I was actually reluctant at first because I was nervous about putting my personal information online. It is ironic, given that my professional success has been driven by my persistent efforts to maintain an online presence.

Eight Reasons You Need a Financial Blogging Process

A financial blog brings you many benefits. It attracts clients, deepens relationships with your existing clients and referral sources and makes your website more prominent in online searches. But you'll reap none of these benefits if you fail to blog regularly with posts that appeal to your target audience. Avoid these problems by developing a process that makes it easier to achieve your goals.

Five More Misperceptions Held By Advisors

In my article last week, I discussed five misperceptions that prevent advisors from converting prospects to clients. Here are an additional five.

A Game-Theoretic Framework for Managing Macro Risk

The William Blair Macro Allocation Fund (WMCNX) seeks to capitalize on global opportunities through active management across asset classes, geographies, currencies and risk themes. Since inception, the fund has had an annual return of 5.41%, which is 115 basis points ahead of its benchmark. Its management team uses game theory to understand and assess geopolitical risks and how they will impact portfolio performance.

Ten Questions to Ask Clients about Their Charitable Giving

Clients, their advisors and the charities they support will substantially benefit when the advisors proactively engage in the charitable conversation with clients far in advance of the end of the year.

Last Week’s Highlights on APViewpoint

The top conversations on APViewpoint last week were started by Scott MacKillop, Abdur Nimeri and Michael Edesess. They generated thoughtful discussion with wide ranging opinions on: the limits to our investment knowledge; the next generation of ESG investing; and whether Wall Street “rips off” your clients.

The Hidden Risk in your Custodial Agreements

Here’s a shocker: Chances are, your RIA firm has custody of client accounts – and you’ll receive unpleasant news after your next SEC audit.

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

I am afraid of public speaking – not just speaking to a group of thousands but also standing up in front of a conference room and presenting my ideas. Is there a cure for this?