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Good Companies Don’t Always Make Good Stocks

I use Coke to demonstrate the importance of differentiating between a good company (which Coke is) and a good stock (which it is not), and the danger of having an exclusive focus on a shiny object – dividends – when you are analyzing stocks.

This “X Factor” is Your Value Proposition

Some advisors stand out. They aren’t always the smartest or the most charismatic, yet they are enormously successful, far more so than their peers. I have figured out why.

Modeling Cyclical Markets – Part 3

In Part 1, I introduced my Primary-ID model that identifies major price movements in the stock market. In Part 2, I presented Secondary-ID, a complementary model that tracks minor price movements. In this article, I combine these two rules- and evidence-based models into a composite called Cycle-ID and discuss the virtue of a single model.

An Article that Resonated with Clients

Getting clients to spend time reading our emails is challenging. That’s why I was struck by an advisor about who’d sent an article to clients that had nothing to do with their investments.

Responding to Concerns about Fees and Active Management

We are under siege. Clients are focusing on fees and our active management approach like never before. We would never take advantage of the clients we serve – we see ourselves as the protector of their assets. How do we confront these misplaced allegations and get back to the business at hand?

Housing Price Increases have been Less Than You Think

Over the last 7.5 years, the Case-Shiller national home price index has increased 24.9% on a cumulative basis. But I have argued in numerous articles that that figure is grossly overstated. A new RealtyTrac report supports my claim, and shows the actual number is only 16%.

Beware of Self-Dealing within Private Foundations

With the charitable foundations of both presidential candidates under scrutiny, advisors should be aware of the issues around self-dealing.

Jeremy Siegel – Why Long-term Investors Should Own Stocks: Bonds are “Dangerous”

No forecaster has predicted equity returns as accurately has Jeremy Siegel over the post-crisis period. In our annual interview, he offers his forecasts for the coming year.

The Latest News for 529 Plans and Educational Costs

Higher education costs are becoming part of many families’ financial conversations. With tuition rising faster than inflation it is important to understand the true cost of college and the consequences of over borrowing. Starting a savings plan early provides the benefits of long-term growth, and it is never too late to start. Knowing how to maximize growth in 529 plans makes saving for college attainable for any family.

A Top-Performing Global Income Fund

The First Eagle Global Income Builder Fund (FEBIX) seeks to provide meaningful and stable income that persists over time and holds its value in real terms. It has approximately $1.2 billion in assets and is a leading performer in its Morningstar peer group. I spoke with two of its co-managers, Kimball Brooker and Edward Meigs.

What Today's Top Hedge Fund Manager Can Teach You about Focus

Two simple strategies will improve your level of focus. One is used by Ray Dalio, the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, and he said it is central to his success.

The Tool that Financial Advisors Need To Build a Great Client Experience

Having and maintaining a CRM tool is vital for financial advisors who want to build a solid client experience

Five More Reasons the Asset-Based Fee Model Won’t Survive

In my article last week, I gave five reasons why the asset-based fee model is unlikely to survive. Here are five more.

How to Keep Stress at Bay

I always feel guilty when Thanksgiving rolls around. I’m thankful but feel more and more stressed as the year progresses. I know you are a hypnotherapist among other things. Do I need hypnosis or just a good old-fashioned shrink?

The Latest News for 529 Plans and Educational Costs

With student loan debt on the rise, it is important to understand different options for funding education costs over the short or long term. Opening and contributing to a 529 college savings plan offers many benefits such as tax-free growth and higher returns, compared to many traditional savings options.