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Reich Takes on Simpson – And We Do the Fact Checking

Robert Reich, a prominent Democrat, and Alan Simpson, a distinguished Republican, engaged in a friendly debate to discuss issues that they said were not addressed during this campaign season. But on crucial subjects, both relied on out-of-date and inaccurate reasoning.

Ian Bremmer – We Face a Profound Geopolitical Recession

The world will enter a geo-political “recession,” according to Ian Bremmer, resulting in a large list of failed states. The U.S. will be relatively insulated from that crisis, but faces its own challenges driven by globalization and wealth inequality.

Rick Rieder – The Fixed Income Outlook for 2017

The Fed will raise rates in December, as long as the election goes as expected and there are no surprises in the economic data, according to Rick Rieder. But, according to Rieder there are secular influences in the economy that are much more important than monetary policy.

Greg Valliere – Two Possible Election Outcomes

Only two election scenarios are possible, according to Greg Valliere. Either Clinton will win by a modest 4-5% margin, or she will win by a blowout margin of 12-13%.

Liz Ann Sonders: Don’t Fear a Recession or Market Overvaluation

A recession is not imminent and investors should be skeptical of those who claim the market is vastly overvalued, according to Liz Ann Sonders.

Do High-Dividend Strategies Add Value? Part I

Given the heightened interest in dividend strategies, I’ll take a look at how some of the leading providers of actively managed dividend-based strategies have performed.

The Future of the Advisory Business

Several events in the past week caused me to focus on where our industry is headed.

Did the Equity Bull Market End Two Years Ago? Perception versus Reality

Currently, with equity markets sustaining near all-time highs, there is a common perception that the equity market is “running.” As a result, many investors harbor concern of getting left behind. The reality is that equity markets are not surging, or “running,” and have actually been consolidating for almost two years.

Modeling Cyclical Markets – Part 1

I present a modeling approach to spot primary market cycles.

Last Week’s Highlights on APViewpoint

The top conversations on APViewpoint last week were started by Wade Pfau, Theodore Wong and Nick Niziolek. They generated thoughtful discussion with wide ranging opinions on: how to use reverse mortgages to secure your retirement; methods used to detect secular cycles in the equity markets; and opportunities in emerging markets.