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Why You Should Stop Blogging About Investing

September 30, 2014

by Megan Elliott

Of course, not everything you write needs to have an obvious financial angle. Show a little of your personality in your blog. A round-up of your must-read summer books, a short essay on why you chose your career or some thoughts on how you applied ideas from financial planning to another area of your life can all be ways to make your blog more compelling.

What do your clients care about?

Just as you have a life outside of your career as a financial advisor, your clients are more than just people with portfolios and retirement plans. Think about the issues that might be most interesting to them.

For example, if you know that many of your clients and prospects are world travelers, perhaps you could write a post on how currency fluctuations might affect their plans for their next trip. If many of them are golfers, consider a post on the similarities between golfing and investing. If you work with couples with children who are nearing college age, perhaps you can relate your own experience of sending kids off to school.

If you have a niche, coming up with ideas for targeted posts will be even easier. If you work with people in a particular industry (for example, lawyers, accountants or pro athletes), pay attention to news in their field and then develop content that relates to those topics. If many of your clients are high-net-worth working women, write on a topic like midlife career changes. If you work with Generation X clients, perhaps you could write about whether going back to school for a new degree or credential is a good investment or how to take a midcareer sabbatical to travel or explore other interests.

Think life, not finance

Your job is to help your clients with their money. But for them, their money is a tool that allows them to do the things they want in their life. Keep that in mind when writing your blog posts. Show them how your services don’t just help them save for retirement or achieve a good investment return, but also help them live the lives they want.

Megan Elliott is the senior copywriter with Wealth Management Marketing, Inc., a firm specializing in outsourced marketing department services to Registered Investment Advisors and fee-only financial planning firms. For more information, visit