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Three Steps to Dynamite Client Events in 2013

January 2, 2013

by Dan Richards

In all of these cases, the feedback from clients was exceptionally positive. That wasn’t because these events were high cost – in fact they cost considerably less than typical mass events – but they were high impact. The key to hosting high-impact events of your own is tailoring the right event to a small group of the right clients and investing the effort and attention to detail to make them truly memorable.

The other key to these events is uniqueness – providing an unusual experience that clients would find hard to replicate on their own.

The exception that proves the rule – mass events that draw a crowd

In fact, as long as events are truly unique and hit client hot buttons, you can still draw a large crowd. Two recent conversations with advisors illustrate that point.

Last fall, one advisor’s branch booked a theater for a private preview showing of Skyfall, the much-touted James Bond movie featuring Daniel Craig. The day before it opened to the general public, the advisors in that branch invited clients to the film screening, including popcorn and soda and a short talk by an expert who helped arrange special effects for some past Bond films, as well as a reception afterwards.

They got a terrific turnout of 300 clients – while not all were top clients, the advisors found this an efficient way of getting in front of clients in the middle of their books. This experience echoed a conversation with an advisor around the release of the most recent Harry Potter movie. On short notice, she had an opportunity to invite clients to a preview screening – expecting this to appeal to people with children, she sent an invite to all her clients. Much to her surprise, she had 60 clients take her up on her invitation, including a number without kids.

As you think about your own plans for client events in 2013, remember the three keys – smaller, targeted and unique. Use those principles in planning your client events and you too can see successful outcomes.

conducts programs to help advisors gain and retain clients and is an award winning faculty member in the MBA program at the University of Toronto. To see more of his written and video commentaries, go to Use A555A for the rep and dealer code to register for website access.